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The Daily Froth November 13

November 13, 2009

I thought everyone just knew that they shouldn’t poop on the subway.  I guess not.  They Didn’t Just

In honor of the big, dumb movie that got released today, a look at some of the silliest disaster film scenes.  Cinematical

And in honor of Friday the 13, here are 13 superstitions having to do with the number. Huffington Post

15 Japanese commercials that star American actors.  Film Junk

Have you seen the trailer for MTV’s new “reality” show Jersey Shores.  Watch, cackle, repeat.  Pajiba

Jon Gosselin’s bodyguard has some nasty scoop on the father of eight.  Litely Salted

First Jon Stewart slays it, now Cartman from South Park  parodies Glenn Beck.  Well done. Comedy Central

Do not make a ham and cheese sandwich incorrectly for Courtney Cox, lest you suffer her wrath. Celebitchy


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