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Project Runway Recap-Season Finale (Part One)

November 13, 2009

project-runway-…designers-2Part one of the season finale (how much do I hate two-part finales? A. WHOLE. LOT.) left us with Carol Hannah puking in the bathroom and the girls hustling to get together a thirteenth look for their collections. I’m always skeptical when the designers are surprised when an additional outfit is required during the finale…I certainly expect Heidi and Tim to throw a “twist” in at the last moment…especially since they’ve been doing it for the last five seasons.

Speaking of the past five seasons, one of my favorite parts of Project Runway has always been the Tim Gunn home visits; tradition has had it that Tim visits the final contestants at their homes in the weeks leading up to Bryant Park. Not only does it give us a sneak peak of each collection, it also gives us a sneak peak into the designer’s lives. I love seeing the work spaces and meeting the family members, reminding me that each of them have a network of supporters rooting for them, convinced that their special person deserves to win the prize.

Irina is the designer I think will win at Bryant Park. Her pieces (what little we’ve seen of them) continue to be intricate and provocative, although the black-on-black-on-gray might bore the judges. I’m just not confident that Althea and Carol Hannah have the taste level or aesthetic to pull together a complete collection. I guess we’ll just have to wait until part two and see if my predictions are right.


2 Responses to “ Project Runway Recap-Season Finale (Part One) ”

  1. cj on November 14, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Yeah, seriously. What??!!?? A thirteenth look??? Come on. I hate this season for several reasons. 1) I can’t get it in HD and I have a new HD flat screen and now I want all things in HD. 2) The lack of new ideas from season to season from the producers and 3) The talent that is in the finale is akin to the same people that would have been eliminated early in season 4. Christian Siriano and Jillian and that fat costume designer guy had more style in their crap than these people have in their final looks. Yawning, but still watching.

  2. Renee on November 14, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Oh I so agree, I was trying to figure out why this season was so lame, compared to past seasons. And the work just isn’t impressive. AND they keep pushing those models down our throats, I mean, OKAY, we get it, they have their own show!