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The Daily Froth November 12

November 12, 2009

What could be the cause of sudden fondling in bed after 20 years of marriage?  The Daily Stab

Britney’s hacked Twitter account.  Guyism

Well this is startling, and interesting.  Goldman Sachs secured thousands of doses of swine flu vaccine for their employees (’cause they are rich), while your child patiently waits for the pediatrician’s office to get their share.  Once again, the rich get preferential treatment. Deus Ex Malcontent

Oprah has been featuring a lot of disfigured folks lately.  Have you noticed? The A.V. Club

Bikini Bitch of the day.  Model Carrie Amstutz. The Superficial

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is dunzo.  The Flickcast

Leno falls to Spongebob in the ratings. Warming Glow

A list of rules and songs your unborn son should know about. Rules For My Unborn Son. Popcandy

Star Trek chandelier.  Boing Boing


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