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The Daily Froth November 11

November 11, 2009

Next time your significant other says that reading blogs is a waste of time, just point them to this:  quite possibly the most important post I have ever linked to.  Who wants to join me at The Peanut to try this out immediately?  How to eat a chicken wing.  Yep Yep

Bikini Bitch of the day (new feature) The Beer Goggler

My prayers have been answered.  Must buy immediately!  Tasty Booze

Nerdiest (and most awesome) halftime show ever!  Check out the choreography, too.  Great White Snark

Billboard inspired by the “perfect business card” speech given by a one Patrick Bateman.  Delightful American Psycho nod.  Celebrity Odor

Kick Ass teaser trailer.  Lots of people are mighty excited about this. Film Junk

Will someone please stop Robert Zemeckis?  No more stop-motion! Apparently he wants to adapt The Nutcracker now. Pajiba

Finally.  Someone develops a scientific formula for determining how many layers to dress your children in when they go outside. College Humor

Thank  a Veteran today.


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