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XBOX 360 Review: Forza Motorsport 3

November 10, 2009

packaging for Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3 is a new racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios that is out now. I picked up a copy and I must say that I am impressed. Not being much of a car aficionado myself I wasn’t overly anxious or excited about this game upon it’s release. However I do have friends who are car buffs that were eagerly awaiting to put some rubber on the pavement and convinced me to give it a shot. I must admit this is one of those moments in my life where I’m happy that I’m so easy to sell but so hard to please. When you don’t have much of an expectation for something and then get blown away it makes you feel like child again. I’m not saying that everyone will get the same thrill from this game as I did because I haven’t played a racing game that I’ve been enjoyed so thoroughly since the first Gran Turismo on Playstation. If you like cars at all and own an Xbox you will enjoy this game in some capacity.

Starting out the game you have over 400 cars that are available to you. Even when you start a career mode no cars are restricted from you and there are no license requirements for you to purchase a car. If you want to buy a Ferrari all you have to do is have enough in game cash. Personally I haven’t even played a racing game in quite some time and just knew I would do horrible but to my surprise Forza comes equipped with in game assists like auto-braking and traction control that will have even the most rookie of driver have some kind of feel for driving. If you want to know how these cars actually drive every car is perfectly simulated to feel and handle like the real thing and all you have to do is turn off the assists. I’ve been racing for a little over a week and I have turned off assists as I have been getting more experience.

Screen grab from Forza Motorsport 3The career mode consists of season events which take place every other Sunday on your in game calendar. In between these races you can make other various events to participate in. These range from drag racing to drifting and everything in between. All of these events are class specific so if you’re racing a Volkswagen you’re not going to be facing a Ferrari. When you win you will earn cash and experience. If you turn the driving assists off, and increase the difficulty of the AI you will earn more. This is a great way to reward players for challenging themselves up to the next level. As you play through events and seasons you will level up your cars and your driving skill. Every car in the game is full customizable so you can swap transmissions, tires, engines, add boost, and pretty much do whatever you want to them. If this isn’t enough you can also paint every car in detail or add decals to them in layers. Of course all of this is even more realized by an online auction house where cars are bought and sold twenty-four seven. Not to mention buying and selling tuning kits, paint jobs and decal sets.

In my time playing through, it did remind me a lot of Gran Turismo which is a good thing since it’s the only racing game I really have fond memories of. It’s a lot more in depth than I could even imagine and you could spend hours alone just designing or painting your car. The racing is sweet and I fell in love with the all new cockpit view which I would have avoided previously in any other title. When you throw in the fact that you can race your friends online and show off the cars you build your empire with, I doubt you can make a better racer. There are enough tracks and events to keep you playing for months and Turn 10 will undoubtedly support this game with downloadable cars down the road.


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