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The Daily Froth November 9

November 9, 2009

Well, this is pretty despicable.  This lady faked having breast cancer, let her friends raise money, then spent the money on a boob job.  What an insult to everyone who has really gone through this terrible ordeal.  Guyism

The Weekend Box Office.  A little movie called Precious has plenty of people talking because of its huge per screen average.  Richard Kelly’s The Box is DOA.  The Flickcast

OMG.  A picture  a child drew for homework looks like mom is a pole-dancer, mom has to write a letter to explain it to teacher. Yep Yep

Can’t someone sterilize this guy?  K-Fed may have impregnated yet another womb. Litely Salted

Ewww.  Leonardo and Lindsay Lohan.   Yeeeah!

Australians are pissed at Britney Spears, because she lip-synched her concert.  Did they really think she can actually sing? Allie is Wired

The modern man’s kama sutra guide. Mixed Tape Therapy

Good news! If you saw It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and have been dying to have your own dick towel, they are available! Tasty Booze

Finally, here was my favorite skit from SNL, a parody of Twilight, with Taylor Swift playing Bella.  Enjoy!  I love how Taylor Swift does the whole “brushing her hair behind her ear” thing that Kristen does.


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