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Project Runway Recap

November 6, 2009

project-runway-…designers-2The last challenge of the season found the remaining five designers at the Getty Museum, soaking up inspiration amid the artwork.  Artwork, antique furniture and the museum building itself helped spark the designer’s imagination as they pulled out all the stops to wow the judges.

Top 3 Project Runway Episode 12 Moments:

1) “Talk to me”—I love it when Tim Gunn uses his dry, “my eyebrows are raised in disbelief” voice, I really do! It’s so cute! It makes me want my own Tim Gunn questioning my use of animal pelts and telling me to “make it work” while looking debonair.

2) “I want Nina Garcia’s stilettos to blow right off of her feet and shoot across the runway!!!”—Please refer to the above Project Runway Moment…Tim Gunn has the best lines.

3) And then there were three—Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah will be showing at Bryant Park for this season.  While I fully expected Irina and Carol Hannah to make it to Fashion Week, I have yet to be impressed with Althea’s designs.

With the three designers going to Bryant Park finally revealed, the other two, Christopher and Gordana were sent home.  I think this was the first of Gordana’s designs that I actually liked; her inspiration was clearly present with the gorgeous color palette and interesting construction.  Even though it was a little Georgia O’Keefe with the vaginal insert, it worked for me and was certainly the most compelling design to come down the runway this episode.  I found myself wanting to see what she would have presented if given the chance to show at Bryant Park.  Christopher, on the other hand, I was thrilled to see gone.  Having been in the bottom three multiple times, I’m glad the judges finally saw the light and eliminated him as they’ve been threatening for weeks.

I can’t wait to see what the final three gals have up their sleeves for Fashion Week (which was actually filmed last February while Project Runway was still tied up in litigation), guess we’ll just have to “watch what happens”.


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