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The Daily Froth November 5

November 5, 2009

Awesome and literal man-cave.  Cinematical

Wanna have a good laugh and make fun of someone who deserves it?  Hey, just follow Levi Johnston on Twitter.  His deep thoughts will amaze you.  Buzzfeed

In case you have wondered what people really mean on their facebook status updates, here you go. College Humor

If you had a shred of tolerance left for watching Nicolas Cage in anything, you won’t after reading this.  What he has spent his money on, and why he is broke.  Film Drunk

More crazy stories about Scientology (are there any that aren’t crazy), this ones about Tom Cruise again. Radar

Heidi Klum can’t believe she hasn’t lost all the baby weight yet.  After all, it’s been a whole month!  Bitch, welcome to the real world.  I’m Not Obsessed


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