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The Daily Froth November 3

November 3, 2009

In case you were wondering, here is a list of the top ten nerdiest cereals.  Nerd Bastards

A delightful list of facebook profile pics that will get you unfriended. Guyism

Sure, we’ve all seen Halloween skanks.  But have you seen them get in a fight?  With meatheads?  On Halloween?  Enjoy.  NSFW Yep Yep

My hands are trembling while I type.  This is soooo juicy.  Did Chris Martin cheat on Goopy…with Kate Bosworth?  Hollywood Backlash

There is actually a book out there that has a Nazi riding a Unicorn on the cover.  Behold!  Robot’s Pajamas  Hulu for cartoon lovers! Pop Candy

Owen Wilson to be the voice of Marmaduke in the live action movie.  Film Junk

Remember, V starts tonight. Watch an exclusive interview with Scott Wolf to prep.  The Flickcast

Kiefer is up to his old tricks. Litely Salted


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