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Project Runway Recap

October 30, 2009
Episode 11

By Renee

project-runway-…designers-2This week found the six remaining designers creating companion pieces to compliment previous “winning looks”. Were the producers for Project Runway just feeling lazy? Suffering from a form of writer’s block?  I’m now imagining a room full of burnt-out producers, tossing around challenge themes like “flannel, not just for lumberjacks” and “making it work, without thread!”.   Maybe it was the repetitive and unimaginative theme seeping into the entire show, but I was bored this week. So bored that I couldn’t even find three outrageous moments to talk about…even with Heidi’s pink ruffled shirt, metallic dress shorts and sequined blazer. EVEN WITH!

This is bad ProRun. I think we might need to have a talk about our future…. it’s not you, it’s ME! Me not loving this season.  In any case, I wasn’t a fan of Althea’s high-waisted “paper bag” pants and would someone please put a bra on her model? I’m tired of seeing her girls flopping down the runway. A pair of pasties does not equal a bra.  But the judges did name Althea the winner of this week’s challenge, maybe the outfit was better in person.

I wasn’t into Logan’s zipper dress…or Christopher’s comforter dress…or Gordana’s librarian blazer…or Carol Hannah’s boring black dress.  The only design I did really like was Irina’s; Her dress and sweater fit in beautifully with her winning look from last week.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, like Irina is looking good to show at Bryant Park and take home the prize…but I have been wrong before and anything can happen so I won’t count my bobbins before they’re wound.  Now that Logan’s gone (I shall miss his bandana pin cushion) I foresee Gordana and Christopher joining him before long.

Here’s hoping that next week brings drama and fun… otherwise, you’re sleeping on the couch Project Runway!


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