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Halloween Political Correctness Run Amok

October 26, 2009

By Shannon

While catching up on some reading this weekend,  I came across a story in my local paper that reports  the outrage over a Halloween costume called “illegal alien”.  Apparently this costume was nestled alongside “slutty Hello Kitty” and “prostitute Barbie” and it fueled outrage among activists and legal immigrants, who of course called for a boycott of any retail outlet that dared to display the offensive costume.  What, might you ask, is this horrible atrocity and personal affront to humanity?  Well, it is an orange jumpsuit (just like prison!) emblazoned with “illegal alien” across the chest, a “green card”, and an alien mask.

I am furiously fanning myself to keep from passing out due to my moral outrage over this highly offensive getup.  Thankfully, after protesters pointed out the social insensitivity of the costume, retail giant Target along with Walgreens acquiesced pulled the costume after realizing the error of their ways.  WTF!!!  Since when has HALLOWEEN been politically correct?   In fact, isn’t it the one day of the year that people are allowed to dress up inappropriately.  Do these protesters not have anything  else to get their pompous panties in a wad over?   Really, you are offended by an alien mask? It’s Halloween, for freaks sake!  Jesus, grow a set.

At any rate, here are some offensive Halloween  costumes that nobody boycotted, or protested.  Probably because people understand that they are Halloween Costumes!


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One Response to “ Halloween Political Correctness Run Amok ”

  1. Amy on October 26, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    So true, and I love the pictures of the other costumes…I wish I had thought of the octomom costume!