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Project Runway Recap

October 23, 2009

By Renee

project-runway-…-0709bsc425Michael Kors provided the inspiration for this week’s challenge, all the places he loves! Or all the places the producers thought might make for an interesting challenge. Same thing.  On a brighter note actress and hottie Milla Jovovich served as guest judge this week. Not only was she adorable, she gave great and enthusiastic critiques.  I always wonder how they choose who will guest judge on any given week….is there a secret celebrity pool of judges? Do they get called in every few years, sorta like jury duty?

Top 3 Project Runway Episode 10 Moments:

1) Project I Didn’t Mind It- The newest Lifetime reality show from producer Milla Jovovich. Love it.  And her actually.  Now if only I had loved Logan’s “young Hollywood” design.

2) Uli’s Back! - Carol Hannah’s “Palm Beach” dress was beautiful with interesting braided and twisted details; unfortunately it was almost exactly what Uli did for all of Season 3.  I can’t believe the judges didn’t call her out for it!

3) “It was just UGLY”- The judges were unimpressed with Christopher’s “New Mexico” dress but Heidi said it best. I LOVE Heidi’s responses, this season she’s pulling now punches, is she just less blunt when she’s pregnant? She makes me just want to shrinky dink her to keep in my pocket and make me laugh with her funny accent.

This week Nicholas was *FINALLY* sent packing, even though Christopher has been in the bottom three for the past 90 episodes.  Whenever the judges like stuff I don’t like (Gordana’s ugly-as-sin-with-an-ugly-tatty-necklace-thingie) I wonder if it looks better in person. If somehow my TV randomly decides to hate a certain designer’s work.  In any case I predict she’ll be the next one heading home.


One Response to “ Project Runway Recap ”

  1. Carol on October 23, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Christopher needed to be sent home SEVERAL shows ago. He was kept and Epperson was sent packing a few shows ago??? WRONG, wrong! That decision was so rigged (in my opinion); they eliminated Epperson because he misunderstood the directions and was going for using as little of a tacky wedding dress as possible – Tim corrected him and he changed his design and had a very decent dress; not so Christopher! This seems like a cheap excuse to keep little-talent, “I didn’t go to design school” weep, weep Christopher. Is he someone’s nephew or boy-toy or something? There must be some reason he wasn’t eliminated long, long ago.
    This show, he, once again, had a pathetic design. Maybe Project Runway is keeping him on as a special needs case?

    As God is my witness (or waitress) I’ll have a caniption (Pittsburgh talk – no idea how it’s spelled) if weep, weep Christopher goes to Bryant Park!