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Project Runway Recap

October 16, 2009

Sequins, Feathers and Fur, oh my!

project-runway-…-0709bsc425This week’s challenge, to design an extravagant stage look for Christina Aguilera—although where and when she would be wearing said extravagant look was never addressed—ushered in a flurry of gaudy fabrics and questionable taste.  “The sultan of sequins”, Bob Mackie himself popped up to inspire and then judge the ProRun designers.

Top 3 Project Runway episode 9 moments:

  • “People are going NUTS!”. Designers putting fabric on their heads! What crazies! People really ARE going “nuts” in this episode! Good lord who’s editing this season? Are things REALLY that boring in the workroom that this moment was chosen to air? Come on.

  • “Put diamonds on the crotch and you’re home free”. Amen Bob Mackie, Amen.

  • Lady Gaga McMarmalade. Dear Christopher, next time you feel the urge to make sequined hot pants and a tacky corset, can you make it for someone who hasn’t rocked a well-made version already? Thanks. Love Renee.

I have to say that I loved Carol Hannah’s black on black sequins on black feathers dress.  It was sexy and smart and interesting.  I agree that Shirin’s dress was hideous, but considering the work she’s done in the past, I think they should have kept her around a little while longer. I would have booted out Christopher and his hot pants (I have issues with hot pants. No one should wear sequined hot pants in public…well no one besides Lady Gaga) but I have a feeling that he won’t be with us too much longer.


2 Responses to “ Project Runway Recap ”

  1. Radge Bassart on October 16, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    I know that you’re just trying to cover for your own extensive sequinned hot pants collection. Don’t lie, Miss Thing!

  2. Dayanna on October 17, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    I agree that Chris should probably have gone home, but at least Chris is kinda neat as a person. Who wants to watch a show with Irina, Shrin, Nicholas, Carol Hanna, and Logan… snooze.
    I’m kinda disappointed with this season in general, both their personalities and their level of skill.