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The Daily Froth October 13

October 13, 2009

In honor of halloween, anatomically correct heart cupcakes.  Gross, yet cool. Do it myself

Is Glee going to have a concert tour?  Entertainment Weekly

Just a reminder of what Madonna used to look like.  Hint:  human.  Agent Bedhead

I apologize in advance for the following.  These are dogs that are purposely shaved to resemble other animals.  And they are awesome. Buzzfeed.

Damnit!  Sandra Bullock is confusing me with her good messages for girls and women. .  Celebitchy

Unfortunate restaurant names. The Chive

Karl Lagerfeld think anyone who is not a model is a chip eatin’ hater!   Wrong, chocolate eatin’ hater is more accurate.  The Laughing Stork


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