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“The King” BK Commercials: Sick, Twisted and Wrong

September 30, 2009

By Shannon

Let’s talk, you and I.  About all this Burger King “The King” nonsense.  The mascot is all kinds of creepy and his recent foray into the bedrooms of unsuspecting sleeping men and women is absolutely the worst idea for a commercial, ever.  What does it  have to do with selling burgers?  Do you want your company to be affiliated with a man who steals into private bedrooms in the still of the night?  Whose brilliant marketing idea was that?  Let’s watch together:

Way to play on every woman’s fear of waking up with a strange man in her room. Well done, Burger King. You successfully emotionally scarred this poor woman for life. How about her “friend” that arranged for this prank? Here’s guessing that they are friends no more. I bet she promptly sent that bitch packing, as she should have. I love how they feel that the cream to the face is needed to take this commercial to the next level. Humiliation by fright was not sufficient, so they add that little extra touch.

How about this next one?

Using a bullhorn to rouse a person from a dead sleep? That would be considered torture at Guantanamo Bay, but here it perfectly acceptable. The poor guy is near having a heart attack and all his frat friends are having a jolly good time at his expense.

Finally we have this one:

I love how the “King” and the no-longer friend high five like they have just pulled off an Oceans 11-esque heist. Way to go guys, you accomplished quite a daring feat. You snuck into a sleeping guys room and scared the piss out of him. Yay you!

Time to move on to another idea, Burger King.


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