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The Daily Froth September 25

September 25, 2009

Sorry, I have had a crazy busy week.  Missed a few days of links, so her you go.

Another day, another time Pam Anderson looks like a cracked-out street whore.  Websters

Genius!  Normal people dramatically read celebrity internet comments.  Urlesque

While I was away from the tabloids this week, Kirk Cameron went bonkers, although to be fair there have been signs for a while.   Transbuddha

Randy Quaid has a sexy mug shot. Dlisted

This is the new fresh face of Clinique. Is this a joke? Agent Bedhead

A public apology for inventing Emo. Buzzfeed

Sam Raimi producing a Yeti-horror movie?  Awesome!  Film Junk

Filmdrunk uncovers something interesting about all movie posters featuring Matthew McConaughey. FilmDrunk

Fake video of Matt Damon flipping out.  Gawker


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