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Project Runway Recap

September 18, 2009
Top 3 Project Runway Episode 5 Moments:

project-runway-…-0709bsc425By Renee

Newspaper challenge.  This week’s challenge was to design a garment made out of newspaper.  Although initially skeptical, I was impressed at the overall quality and imagination displayed by the group.  Across the board the designers played with silhouette and pattern to produce wonderful and unexpected fashion, all out of newsprint.  Well done designers, well done.

Bird Dress.  Tim Gunn described Johnny Sakalis’ creation as looking “like   birds attacked the dress”. Co-competitor Nicolas called it “wrinkled up paper with pigs blood all over it”.  I simply called it bad bad BAD.  Sticking origami cranes on the shoulder of a shapeless red sack does not a dress make.  Thank god Johnny scraped the dress and decided to start over.  Unfortunately it was replaced with a second equally tasteless number.  Oh, and future ProRun contestants, lying about why you got rid of your horrible bird dress (at the suggestion of Tim Gunn) to the judges will only bite you on the ass… and you do NOT want to be on Tim Gunn’s bad side.

Guest Judges.  The guest judges on this week’s episode were Tommy Hilfiger (gag me with a spoon, I’m so sick of Tommy apparel) and actress Eva Longoria (who I don’t really care about, having never gotten into Desperate Housewives).  What I did care about, and what annoyed me in it’s heavy handedness, was the obvious quid pro quo action going on between Lifetime and Tommy and Eva; immediately following their introductions as ProRun guest judges, they aired a mascara commercial featuring Eva, followed by a dreadful Macy’s ad featuring Tommy (and a bevy of other “celebrities”, or as I like to call them “media whores”, such as Jessica Simpson, Queen Latifah, Emeril and Martha Stewart).  I mean, really Lifetime? Is that how you’re coaxing judges onto the new ProRun?


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