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Project Runway Recap

September 11, 2009

On Lifetime

project-runway-…designers-2By Renee

Top 3 Project Runway Episode 4 Moments:

Heidi’s amazing taste.  Most of the time Heidi Klum looks pretty damn good. Pregnant or not pregnant, season after season, she looks beautiful and well put together.  But everyone has their off days, and tonight’s leopard print, silk chiffon blouse was just a tad off.  I love prints just as much as the next girl, but she wasn’t working that top, that top was working her.  It made me hope that she would start crawling across the runway, looking sultry and growling.  Perhaps supermodels, instead of becoming Cougars, become Leopards instead!

Cocktail Tiger.  Speaking of felines, I love that Epperson’s model not only requested to look like a cocktail tiger, but also followed up her requests with the phrase “but not too much!”.   Sexy. But not too much!  Punk. But not too much! Cocktail tiger. But not too much!

Amish Guest Judge.  What is going on with Lifetime? Are they not paying the judges? Has Nina Garcia (pronounced NEE-Nha GARCIA) been reduced to pan handling? Is Michael Kors going through someone’s trashcan as we speak?  How else do you explain their mysterious absences?  Mr. Kors has been missing for the past two episodes, and not Nina’s MIA as well?! Is someone killing off the Project Runway judges? (Issac Mizrahi I’m looking at you)  At least they were able to get a nice Amish gentleman to fill in tonight, or is his haircut better described as Children of the Corn-ish?  Regardless, I like the idea of a gay, Amish Fashionista.


One Response to “ Project Runway Recap ”

  1. Carol on September 11, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    I want Michael Kors back!

    Logan’s dress makes me think of a dance scene in “West Side Story”.

    Louise’s dress for not-friendly-Fatma is very pretty. Actually, most of the dresses were good.

    Qristyl’s (glad I don’t have to look up the spelling of her name anymore!) dress wasn’t bad but the blouse she, herself, wore for the runway elimination was horrible; it looked like a cheap top sold in the plus-size women’s section of a discount store. Come on, we “full figured” women can look better than that! The bust area was unusually unflattering (Heide would have a fit – she wants the boobies where they’re supposed to be! and “What Not To Wear” would suggest a good support bra to get “the girls” up where they’re supposed to be!).

    My 2 cents.