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(A)Symmetrically Yours

September 8, 2009

By Sara

Continuing our lessons in How to Speak Artz, I suggest we mosey over towards asymmetrical & symmetrical.

(A)Symmetrical discussions are clever and humourous in that you can beef up almost any critique to sound like you absolutely know what you’re talking about. Truthfully, you don’t really even need to know what you’re talking about, just throw out the words ‘asymmetry’ or ‘symmetry’ and I can pretty much guarantee someone somewhere will bite.

Quick lesson for the laymen: Asymmetrical Art equals lacking balance. Now, can anyone guess what symmetrical means? Any takers? Yes, you with the smokey-treat & charming disposition, all the way in the back… Right on, symmetrical equals a proper asthetic balance found in a piece of Art.

Now, because I’m still working on last night’s Beirut tournament & a bottle of Penguin wine, please direct your attention to the very simple images attached.

Asymmetrical Snickers are often the yummiest of the Snickers. Our image is heavy with candy on the right side of the frame, therefore making it asymmetrical unbalanced deliciousness. The Campbell’s Soup cans, in the second image, are centered within the frame of the photograph, making the image symmetrically balanced all Warhol style.

(A)Symmetrical images are  also sometimes interchangeable and if you are able to master the lingo required to switch up the two up you will receive a gold star. It’s fairly easy to do and you’ll most likely sound like a smarty pants when you bust out your critiques.

Looking at our asymmetrical Snickers once again, perhaps symmetrical can be found by the heaviness of the blue background balancing out the actual image of the candy.  Both the colour and the candy are fairly bold in the photograph and could work with each other to create a form of symmetry.

In turn, the once thought symmetrical Campbell’s soup cans might have a bit of asymmetry all up in there. The notion of asymmetry is a bit easier to point out as the labels are varied and could potentially throw things off balance. Personally, I find asymmetry a tad more fun to spot because one can’t really go wrong when describing items which are off kilter. It’s mostly a matter of preference and if you remain firm in a stance of general loopyness you can usually get away with almost any description.

So, my darlings, I implore you once again to go forward in critiques on Artz and play the (a)symmetrical game. Should you find any confrontation amongst fellow Art critics, do not hesitate to throw out the comeback, ‘Oh yeah? Well, YOU’RE asymmetrical!’ See how they like them apples.

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One Response to “ (A)Symmetrically Yours ”

  1. anncine on September 8, 2009 at 8:47 am

    I have been told that my face is very symmetrical…which is good because everything else is unbalanced as fuck all.