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American Apparel and the bags-o-crap

August 25, 2009
the bag o' scraps/ ripoff

the bag o scraps/ ripoff

Okay, first  I had to cast a disparaging eye on the ridiculous maternity unitards. Then Janey Pancake had to call them out for revisiting  ill-advised fashions from the eighties. Now, my  beloved “Hater” column  from A.V. Club calls attention to the latest travesty marketed by imbecilic fashion chain American Apparel.  Now, they actually think that we are stupid enough to pay $8.00 for a bag-o-scraps.

My curiosity (and general annoyance with  American Apparel)   forced me to look into the matter further.  I went through the ordering process to find out what they were going to charge for shipping the featherweight  bag-o-scraps.  Answer:  $7  fucking dollars!!  For a bag-o-scraps!  That brings your grand total  to $15.00 for shit they have been sweeping up and throwing away on a daily basis.   If even one person falls for this scam they have made their money back, and then some.

They helpfully provide uses for the bag-o-scraps, including making a card for grandma!  WTF does that mean?  The only use I can come up with for their neon tainted garbage is cat litter.

Hopefully this will not be the harbinger of  a new era of marketing useless crap.  Bucket-o-broken glass, anyone?  How about tub-o-landfill?  Imagine the uses…


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