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Notes from a Walkman Junkie: “Roll It In Jimmies”

August 20, 2009

As you read this I am already waist-deep in wicked awesome lobstah roll land and rolling it in jimmies… also, I am probably drunk and singing, “Don’t go changing to try to please me…” to my father.   Ah yes, it is time for the annual family trip to visit my dad and his wife in MA.  If it is anything like the previous trip, I know a good time will be had by all.  Last year, we rented a mini van to accommodate our large-ish group, which included:  My sister, her husband and child, my brother, my boyfriend or ‘boo’ as the kids would say (I think) and of course, myself.  As it happens, none of us remembered to bring some of our music with us to be enjoyed throughout our daily van travels.  We instead listened to the local radio stations, abiding by whatever songs they chose to force upon us.  I will always associate two particular songs with that trip to MA, “Same Girl” by R Kelly and Usher and “Bartender” by T-Pain  for two reasons:  1. Because they seemed to be the ONLY two songs in rotation and 2. because they are filled with spectacularly cheese-tastic hilarity. These tunes were mostly enjoyed during our frequent (twice a day) jaunts to a small ice cream joint, recommended to us by my dad’s wife, Marnie.  Apparently this place served the most delicious ice cream in town, but I would not know as I am pathologically afraid of ice cream and have been for years; consequently I never tried any. Upon returning from our maiden voyage to the ice cream parlor, Marnie excitedly inquired what fabulous ice cream concoctions we had all decided to try.  One by one everyone rattled off their choices with glee: double-chocolate-nutty-crunch, vanilla-bean-butter-rum, munchy-crunchy-flying-bananas, etc.  When all present had divulged their flavors of choice, Marnie then turned to me and enthusiastically asked, “And what did you get, Anne?”  I answered with a simple, “Nothing”, but said it in a bright tone so as not to bring down the general joyous ice-creamy mood of the conversation.

Due to my aforementioned and unreasonable apprehension towards ice cream, I often waited in the car while the others placed their orders.  On one occasion, my sister Jane’s husband, Brian, waited in the car with me and asked Jane to place his order for him.  Brian and I spotted a sign above the ordering counter that read, “Roll it in jimmies/nuts 50 cents.”  Naturally, we found this to be terribly funny (jimmies… nuts… rolling it…) and immediately felt the need to point out the unintentionally humorous sign to our fellow travel companions.  Brian called out from the car, “Roll it in jimmies”, while pointing in the direction of the amusing sign.  Jane squinted back towards him with a look of confusion, she then turned back around and continued to place her order.  At this point, Brian assumed Jane had not yet seen the sign and we would all have a laugh regarding the sign’s droll contents upon her return.  Brian eagerly awaited his delightful peanut butter ice cream cone as Jane approached the car, but was instead presented with an ice cream covered in a sea of small black things which bore an unnerving resemblance to mouse droppings. Brian squealed with a frantic high pitched, “What the shit is this?” as his palpable disappointment filled the air.  Jane just looked at him and replied with a blunt, “You said, ‘roll it in jimmies.’” Needless to say, Brian placed all of his own ice cream orders for the rest of our trip.  The good news is that we all now know what jimmies are and how to avoid them.

There is always a bit of acclimation required when one travels; learning the lingo (jimmies = black sprinkles) and adjusting to accents (wicked awesome lobstah roll = really tasty lobster sandwich, you aaahhhhh = you are, etc.)  I have tremendously fond memories of that trip and shall undoubtedly return from this trip with many more.  I have prepared a short play list for my travels this time which I have attached and hope you will enjoy.  I will still, however, tune into the local radio station to check in on T-Pain’s latest.

1. “Pretty Girl at the Airport”-Avett Brothers

2. “Out of Reaches”-Stephan Malkmus and The Jicks

3. “Breakers”-Low

4.All we Ask”-Grizzly Bear

5. “Happy Banjo”-Dark Mean

6. “Between Bars”-Elliot Smith

7.” Beautiful Schizophrenic”-Lisa Germano

8.Phone Call”-The Faint

9. “Here”-Pavement

10Spit On A Stranger”-Pavement


2 Responses to “ Notes from a Walkman Junkie: “Roll It In Jimmies” ”

  1. Sara on August 20, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Marnie kinda sounds like the Queen of Hearts in this here story. Enjoy yourselves painting the roses red over to MA.

  2. anncine on August 25, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    We painted those lobstah-red roses! I did not have any ice cream….again.