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Crazy Eyes

August 14, 2009

karen-sypherI haven’t seen crazy eyes like these appear in an interview since Nadya Suleman went on her “unconventional choices” tour.  The wacko plot of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino’s one-night stand in a restaurant with Karen Sypher in 2003 reads like something cut out of Desperate Housewives for being too tacky.

In short, this married father of four had sex in a restaurant six years ago with Sypher who was divorced with several kids of her own.  She called him a few weeks later saying she was preggers. They met at his equipment manager’s condo where he gave her $3000 for an abortion.  Six months later, she marries that equipment manager. Some time later, she sends demands for payoffs to Pitino through her husband, including college tuition for four kids, a mortgage payoff, two cars, and three grand a month. Pitino goes to the police. They charge her with extortion.  She then claims – six years later and AFTER being charged – that she was raped by Pitino.  Twice.  If you want to read even more sordid details, you can do so here. As disgusting as I find Pitino’s behavior, I must admit I felt a teensy bit sorry for him – in the same way I felt sorry for Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction.  How many times do you need to be told guys?  Take a good, long look in a woman’s eyes before succumbing to that moment of passion.  If you see anything resembling this, this or this….zip up and walk away.


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