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Chemical Romance

August 14, 2009

By Sara

In my immediate family of four, there are several talents lofting about. To my impartially trained eye, I sometimes consider these talents to be Superpowers. It’s a given that my Father is a master at humour & an accounting warrior, me Mum’s spelling and memory genes outfox us all, and my Brother is well read and handsomely intelligent. And then there’s me: I am strangely adorable to most people. With a bubbly & jumping personality, a fair amount of street smarts to keep me out of dank alleys, and enough of an understanding for French & Spanish to impress most party-goers for about five minutes, I can usually charm my way into the blind hearts of many.

TulsaI studied Photography at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, USA. My sophomore year, I was tossed into the delicately morose medium of Larry Clark, a Photographer & Filmmaker=turned lust of my life. To me, Clark’s images were disturbing on at least seven different retaining walls and remain to be as such. His films, (KIDS being one of my favourite movies e-vah) I find paper-cut slashing, taboo toting, and sharp enough to encourage any viewer to flee the theatre for the comfort of his blankey. I’ve never seen anyone leave the theatre, though, as Larry Clark is a gourmet wizard in cinematography; encrypting a black noose around his audience to keep their seats.

In short, Larry Clark is pretty much my Photographic Gawd. Googlers & now returning with  (potentially) knotted & censored knickers, I suggest you perform a little research on Clark’s Photographic methods, lighting, human living conditions, and the like. Agreed, Clark’s work may be shocktict (made that up myself, dig it?) to view, but if you stick around a while the repulsiveness begins to wear and a real beauty of life paddles towards the surface. This is a man I feel should be truly recognized for the varied dedication to his craft as well as his encouragement of others to follow their breaking mediums. Darkness is as darkness sees fit and, boy, am I glad Larry Clark recorded his versions with a light box.

Now, lusting after Larry-baby as I did and do, one would imagine I should want to have his Photography books, films, and any other paraphernalia I could get my grubby little paws on. Utilizing my talents, I managed to acquire an impressive amount of goods put out by the old Boy. More importantly, employing my Superpowers, I managed to save what would become the keystone piece of my Capilla de Clark Collection.

Back in High School & College, until about…oh, five months ago, I wasn’t the best dame to date. (Well, commitment-wise that is. Areas concerning mid-night Taco Bell runs and conspiracies to acquire booze earned me the title ‘Best Dame to Run Around With’.) For four years at DU, I dated/hung out with/was kind of a rat to a very nice Boy. (Those of you keeping score, yes, the term ‘very nice Boy’ still means what you think it means.) When I decided to further my education and attended the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, the very nice Boy sent me numerous care packages and letters…and they were all very nice.

One fabulous Canadian Spring day, the Boy rang me to tell me he had bid on an autographed poster from Larry Clark’s Tulsa series. Nicely enough, the Boy had won the auction and wanted to let me know the poster was headed over to my pad in Halifax. Not nicely enough, I was just about finished with the Boy and didn’t feel right about keeping the relationship going until I received the poster. Yeah, I was just beginning to grow a conscious, clever timing. Needless to say, I dropped the Boy, but not before admitting to him how I wanted to ‘be with someone else’. (Apparently, my new conscious was only available part-time.)

A couple daze after The Young & the Restless exited my apartment with their drama bags, the Boy rang me to tell me he had torn Larry Clark’s poster into little bitty pieces. Reasons to be sad:

Tulsa is my favourite book by Larry Clark

Seriously? I had hurt this Boy so much that he would destroy a VERY beautiful & expensive piece of Art? I had that power? Ye gads.

Holy gelatine print, Batman, it’s Larry Clark!!!

I felt devastated, mostly because I really wanted that poster, dangit. It was kinda like when you break up with someone for someone else and then the someone else doesn’t want to be with you either. (Mostly because they were just torn into little bitty pieces.)

Fortunately, it’s been my experience that Karma always seems to reward & bite those deserving. A few weeks later, I received a circular mailing tube containing my poster-preciously in tact. Since then, Karma’s tossed some bites my way, but I’m grateful to have reaped the rewards of my Tulsa poster. Clearly, my Superpowers must have been working or the ‘very nice Boy’ was truly a ‘very nice Boy’.


5 Responses to “ Chemical Romance ”

  1. Hollywood Hood on August 14, 2009 at 7:22 am

    I’ll be looking into this Larry Clark fellow – I’ve enjoyed Kids and the beautiful scar it created…..a good read there Sara, one of my favorites so far…or would that be favourite?

  2. Sara on August 14, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Favourite or favorite I’ll except the compliment either way, thank you!

  3. Hazz on August 14, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Sometimes, some of us nice boys… are in fact, very nice boys. And sometimes, those we lavish our attentions on get that fact only after its a bit late.

    Your story, is a reminder that as we change and grow, we try to remember those whom we may have hurt along the way…

    I liked it quite a bit, as it gives me hope that those I’ve been “very nice to along the way”, might remember me fondly.


  4. Sara on August 14, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    At thirty-two, I can firmly say that I dig nice Boys & now I actually try to be nice back to them (as I should be).

  5. churchie on August 16, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Get around, get around, I get around, yahaaaaaaa..

    It is amazing how one tiny, little,beautiful woman, like yourself has so much “superpowers” with out even touching that “nice Boy” you were able to rip out his heart…

    God I love you.. when is your next seminar? I would like to come and take notes..:)