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The Daily Froth

August 10, 2009
We skim the webs, so you don’t have to

Jude Law’s baby mama is demure, shy and reclusive.  The Superficial

GI Joe is critic-proof.   Pajiba

John Mayer is a douchebag, take 2,199. Dlisted

5 monsters that fooled the net  (I love monsters! *squeal*) Cracked

Author so horrified by thought of Channing Tatum in his film, he pulls the plug. In related news, I love this man.   Film Drunk

No wonder Billie Mays was so full of ….energy.  Popeater

Nah, Levi Johnston was never a famewhore. Gawker

Madonna is a phony-baloney. THR


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