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Megan Fox hurts teddy bears

August 2, 2009

By Shannon

So, Megan Fox has been evil for a while now, as evidenced by this video showing her rebuffing the oh-so-huggable Seth Rogan on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2007.

I haven’t cared enough about Megan Fox to comment on her thus far, but I will admit I have found it entertaining to watch her play  verbal russian roulette with her career. Between Megan Fox and Katherine Heigl, stupid comments made by vacuous starlets have been plentiful this summer

But now it’s personal.  I do not take kindly to Ms. Fox inflicting a psychological boo-boo on Seth  with her haughty refusal to give the customary air kiss to a  fellow guest.  I love Seth Rogan. I find him absolutely adorable, and he is my crush du jour.  I want to hug him,  take him home, make him milk and cookies and tuck him into my daughter’s doll bed with the other teddy bears.  Seth, you can cry on my shoulder any time.  Skip to the 2:40 mark to get to the good stuff.


One Response to “ Megan Fox hurts teddy bears ”

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