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Daisy of Love

July 30, 2009

Proving once and for all that finding true love is dependant on booze, plastic surgery and producers….



Well it’s the end of an era…Daisy de la Hoya from VH1’s reality show Daisy of Love has picked her man, aspiring rocker London (aka Joshua Lee). You might remember Daisy from her appearance in Rock of Love 2 where she was the runner up for 80’s rock god, Bret Michael’s heart. After Daisy was sent packing, VH1 was quick to set up a website asking for video submissions for her very own reality show.  Fans voted on which applicants would win the chance to vie for Daisy’s… er…. heart…fake boobs…. personal fame? This awesomely bad reality show was packed with drunken fights, bad fashion and more body art than Daytona Bike Week.

As anyone who tuned in to watch the series will tell you, they picked some real winners for Daisy. 20 tattooed, pierced, angsty and semi-articulate guys started out, each scrambling to win solo dates with Ms. Daisy and claiming that they were the real deal.  12 Pack, of the I Love New York and I Love Money reality shows, gave “love” another chance and made it to the final three.

As the show wound down and only a few contestants were left in the house, the exit interviews became more and more emotional, with tears and hissy fits. The Oscar for my favorite exit moment is a two-way split between Sinister (I know, who wouldn’t love a guy nicknamed Sinister) and 12 Pack.  Sinister not only cried BUT THEN went on to say that if Daisy didn’t want him, hopefully someone else out there would.  Meanwhile, when it was time for 12 Pack to hit the road, he wondered if he would ever be able to tell a girl that he cared for her (on national TV) again…I smell a spin-off!!! (She writes, clapping her hands in glee)

As I mentioned before, what I loved most about Daisy of Love was the trashy subculture element…Daisy strutted around looking like a cross between a hooker and a Japanese harajuku girl, freely mixing animal prints with pink skull and crossbones. She was constantly slipping due to her stripper heels and I’m still amazed that she managed to keep the girls from falling out of her many, many LOW-cut, skin-tight tops (thank you Baby Jesus for double-sided tape).

So will the reported love between Daisy and London last? Is true love possible once you factor in a whole lot of booze and producers and film crews and orchestrated scenarios…. only time will tell America…. and the obligated reunion show, of course.  One thing I am certain about, if true love doesn’t pan out for Daisy and London, you can be sure Daisy of Love Season 2 will be there to pick up the slack.


2 Responses to “ Daisy of Love ”

  1. FROTHYGIRLZ1031 on July 30, 2009 at 7:30 am

    Delightful post, my dear. I am *almost* sad I missed this disaster.

  2. Renee on July 30, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Dont worry gentle reader, you can be sure I will spread the word if, and when, Season 2 shows up. Glad you liked the post!