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For odors in those “special places”

July 28, 2009

I originally saw the ad for this on Dlisted. I was convinced this was a fake commercial for a fictitious product. All the talk of having odors that can’t be tamed, combined with the older man man giving a humiliating testimonial that he is saddled with a stench in places the rest of us can’t imagine had me giggling with glee. What a great prank! However, my journalistic senses were on heightened alert and started to tingle, and something made me dial that fake number on the screen!

Holy crap, Doc Bottom’s (Ass) spray is for real, which makes watching the commercial over and over again that much more enjoyable. Every time I watch it I notice something new. What’s up with that guy sticking his face directly into the fluorescent trail of odor wafting from his friend’s behind? ¬†And do women often find cleavage odor to be a problem? Well, worry no more if you are savvy enough to supply your sundries drawer with this fine product.


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