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Movie Review: Moon

July 21, 2009

moon-movie-posterIf you feel like this summer’s film offerings have been less than than kind to your intellect, here is the perfect antidote to your predicament.

Moon is directed by Duncan Jones (who also co-wrote it). Fun fact: Jones is also David Bowie’s son, which seems quite fitting of this atmospheric thriller.

Sam Rockwell stars as Sam Bell, an Astronaut in the near future who is living on the moon and mining Helium-3, which has become the answer to earth’s energy problems.   We learn that he is there under a 3-year contract, and that he has a mere two weeks left until he can return to earth where his wife and daughter await him. However, before he can reach that precious day, bizarre things start  happening, including headaches and hallucinations which culminate in him coming face to face with an apparent physical copy of himself.   Is it real, or is it the physical manifestation of madness brought on by years of extreme isolation?  Sam desperately tries to figure out the answer so he can make his return as planned.

This movie is minimalist, with very little color.  Instead,  the stark whites of his remote station contrast with the grays and blacks of the moons landscape, and  eerie tundra.  Despite being in possibly the most open space ever, the movie felt incredibly claustrophobic to me (in no doubt intensified because I have an irrational fear of space travel).   It was quite easy for me to imagine going mad on the lonely planet in very little time.

Rockwell is pretty much the only actor in this movie (his wife and daughter are seen fleetingly on a video conference call) and he is more than capable of living up to the task.  If this isn’t the year he gets nominated for an Oscar it would be a pity, because this is really a one man show, and he is utterly convincing as a man struggling to maintain sanity under impossible circumstances.   His only companion is a computer/robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey) that he talks to regularly.

Clint Mansell (The Fountain)  provides a haunting score that compliments the film perfectly.  This is a film that will keep your thinking for days after you see it.

Frothygirlz rating 8.5/10


2 Responses to “ Movie Review: Moon ”

  1. anncine on July 22, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    I am going to see it tonight…Can’t wait!

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