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Ode to my Macbook

July 20, 2009

By Shannon

Here is my final ode to my macbook.  It died a premature death by grape juice.  I added helpful back-ground music, because this should be read like “The Sound of Silence”  by Simon and Garfunkel.

Goodbye macbook my old friend
I’ll never type on you again
Because my daughter spilled her juice
You simply could not take the abuse
and the next time I turned you on
you were gone
I saw a screen of blackness

So many stories I have wrote
I didn’t think that you would croak
You were not yet one year old
Now you lie there so very cold
And I can’t write on the go, anymore
I see a screen of blackness

But now I must move on
Even though it seems so wrong
I have so much work to do
I need to quickly replace you
So I’ll buy a notebook to ease the pain that you left behind
So, long dear macbook.



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