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Links for Friday, July 17

July 17, 2009

Celebrity Vampires. Now Twilight reading tweens can fetish-ize their faves.

The boys over at Film Junk have a nice article about the viral marketing campaign of the upcoming Judd Apatow flick Funny People along with those fantabulous videos they have released for  Yo Teach (in which Jason Schwartzman nails it as a douche-baggy network star); Randy (NSFW), and Re-Do.

This is the most welcome headline I have read all day, week, month, year, decade, and it should please you as well.  If  you are perplexed as to why this is cause for celebration, then get the eff off our site, you don’t belong here.

Mashups of classic animated movies set to modern audio  Urlesque

Get your geek on with this Comicon preview :


Pop culture

Video games


We are not attending Comicon :( , but I will be linking to  morning wrap ups by Brian Truitt from USA Weekend.  He will also be live-tweeting, if you want to follow him on twitter @briantruitt


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