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Shoe Me

June 26, 2009

Never Board of Shoes

By Sara


photo Sara Randall

Of course, this is me we’re discussing so all things must revolve around me and my tastes in shoes. Pumas were my first fascination, those little cats were adorable yet feisty looking, right up this Allie Cat’s-er-alley. Next came Adidas and the Bad Boys who always seemed to be sporting them…sigh. Vans, Airwalks, & Simple shoes were also staples within my datable diet. One might think I was prone to Sk8ter Boyz and, yes, I favoured them over the rest, but, honestly, I wasn’t that picky. Bottom line is that if you had ‘good Board Shoes’ you had a chance with me.

Perhaps it was the bold colours against the thick white soles of these Board Shoes and the confidence of the rounded-toe which drew me in. (Most likely, it was the fact that most ass knife Jocks in a small Mid-Michigan farm community didn’t seem to hold a whole lot of originality or interest in their chosen footwear compared to Sk8ters.) Regardless, I was all over Board Shoes like crazy on a Texan. Even now, I continue to base a certain amount of ‘dateableness’ within suiters on their shoes. I can’t help it, you got Board, you got Game and, in turn, you got Me.

It might be a vanity issue, but if you happen to be decked out in a pair of Pumas I will drool. I believe shoes say something about a personality which is compatible with mine. So much so, that the last time I was in Ottawa, Ontario, I picked a pair of the ideal female equivalent to Board Shoes and whenever I slip them on I fondly return to my sk8ting daze.

I gotta score another deck and seriously attempt to master a half pipe. If anything to showcase the shoezzz…


3 Responses to “ Shoe Me ”

  1. anne almirall on June 26, 2009 at 7:49 am

    I can absolutely relate…I have loved boys based solely on their taste in music in the past(a nice bum does not hurt either).

  2. jane on June 26, 2009 at 8:17 am

    oui – Jane-bait boys need only to posseess one or two of the following attributes: acne scars, childhood emotional scars, musical proficiancy, drawing ability, poor eye-sight(four-eyed myopics preferred), a hidden, dorky talent (my betrothed is a former Mathlete who can juggle) and – natch – good taste in Boy Shoes.

  3. Casey S. on June 26, 2009 at 10:54 am

    “crazy on a Texan” hmm … My first Airwalks were in 5th grade and they were black patent leather &
    My first shoe crush was due to a pair of vintage Boston Celtic converse basketball shoes (Larry Bird editions). I was hooked … Unfortunately, I did not realize that it would translate into 2 years of giving him a ride to school and watching old reruns of MacGyver while eating American cheese sandwiches … the shoes made me do it.