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Indefensible crap we love: She’s got the look

June 15, 2009



(72!) year old competitor Delores

(72!) year old competitor Delores

If you’re like me (and thank your lucky stars if your not), the end of the regular television season delivers a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, there is a huge letdown, much like you might experience after you finally take a trip you have planned for quite some time. It’s over, and you think “what’s there to look forward to now?” Your empty Tivo queue mocks you for your lack of a real life, and panic slowly grips you as you realize you have an hour before you go to bed, yet you have not a thing to watch. It’s a very scary moment.

On the other hand, you breathe a sigh of relief that you are no longer a slave to your Tivo device. It is somewhat liberating to be done with the season finales, and to not feel beholden to primetime television’s whimsies. My husband has been repeatedly vexed by my need to watch every “Lost” episode on the very night it aired, as I truly became unhinged if for some reason I could not. That is because I absolutely lack self control, and do not trust myself to stay away from “spoilers” and message boards the following morning. This would be similar to dangling a cupcake in front of Kirstie Alley and expecting her to decline the offer. It’s just not possible, though it shames me greatly.

If you share my affliction, fear not. Take my hand and I will lead you to the holy land of some must-see summer television engagements. These might tide you over until fresh episodes of Mad Men resume. I offer you the following today: She’s got the look.

Make no mistake about it, this show is the poor estranged brother of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).  I used to watch ANTM zealously, but several cycles ago I found it to be a one-trick-pony.  It has become stale, predictable and ridiculous.  Tyra Banks has become laughable as the mentor of the show, and the staged photo ops by the judges are nothing short of embarrassing for all involved.  Although I loved the premise, I just felt it had no new ground to cover.  Until now.   She’s got the look features women only over the age of 35.  Brilliant!  Perhaps it is because I find myself careening toward the big 4-0 that I appreciate it so.

You still get the crazies competing on the show, but you also get some genuinely interesting women who are slightly seasoned by life, thus more likable than the twits that compete on ANTM.  Take for instance 72 year old (that’s not a typo folks) Dolores.  What an inspiration.  She is gorgeous, sophisticated and inspirational.  Who wouldn’t want to exude such zest for life in their twilight years?

This is the second season of the show, and unfortunately it is not as fresh as it was last season.  The judges attempt to one-up the ANTM panel by inserting themselves into horrifyingly little montages that cheapen the show, and it has succumbed to the “American Idol” syndrome of showcasing embarrassing/humiliating auditions of individuals who don’t have a chance in hell at making the show, but are included in the footage for the audience to make fun of.  

Kim Alexis serves as the host of the show, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.  I have distinct memories of hoarding a “Glamour” magazine with her on the cover, and attempting to copy her makeup (of course with disastrous results, what else?)  She is classy and dignified unlike *ahem* Ms. Banks.  The show is not as mean spirited as ANTM, but I fear they might be attempting to go that route to spice things up.  That would be a pity, the show doesn’t need it.  

She’s got the look airs on Thursday nights on TVland.  You can watch full episodes here.  Let me know what you think.


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