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Shoe Me:Get-A-Way & Look Good Shoez

June 12, 2009


photo Sara Randall

photo Sara Randall

Picture it, Oregon, my adjoining porch shared by charming/well shoed/drama-filled neighbors. The evening’s topic is Boy Drama. One of my best subjects, mind you.

  Neighbor One returns home tempted to give way to tears due to Boy Drama, but maintains focused on skewl & her upcoming graduation (kudos Neighbor One!). Neighbor Two surfaces relating various engaging tales of her own Boy Drama, featuring her ex’s somewhat Pre-Skewlish behavior and ill-suited bit-ter(!) text messages. The three of us skirts hang out, discuss ridiculous Boy issues (insert how grateful I am to be dating someone with a brain and consideration), our time ends and Neighbor Two flies/sashays down our mutual steps wearing black-strapped sandaled heels.  (Humourously enough, she is headed out to meet a new Boy Conquest.)

  I’m telling you, the ‘flying sashay’ was inspiring to say the least. Not only was I in dropped-mouthed drooling awe, but also left dreaming about my perfect ‘Get-A-Way & Look Good’ shoes.  

  I am not a vain person, honestly I’m not, and having said that I must follow up with a ‘but’…I have really good legs (thank you Mum). Therefore, my perfect ‘Get-A-Way & Look Good’ shoes would have to be my faux-leather-height-almost-to-the knee-zipped-up-brown-heeled boots. I actually have been fortunate to use them for a Get-A-Way occasion and, in my own mind, I looked darn good. These boots are treasures in that the heel is wide enough to support any vices I may have ingested throughout an evening leading up to a Get-A-Way, yet stylish enough to leave my victim thinking, ‘Shoot, do I really want to let those legs in those boots go?’ 

  I think the additional trick here is that one’s ‘Get-A-Way & Look Good’ shoes must be complimentary to one’s walk. My Neighbor showcased this walk almost perfectly & I was very proud. One’s walk should be confident (even if a bit hurt by drama) and ready to take on anything and anyone else. Display poise during your sashaying/running away in heels, and remain determined that there is something better awaiting you. I feel fortunate this was glorified for me, by my neighbor, and amused by a true The Young & the Restless quality of the evening. 

  Walk/run/sashay/stumble tall, kiddies, and never ever be without the fortitude to don a tall-heeled-pair-of-stick-shoes. After all, it’s not blasphemy, Dah-link, it’s footwear.



4 Responses to “ Shoe Me:Get-A-Way & Look Good Shoez ”

  1. jane on June 12, 2009 at 6:58 am

    Gurrrrrrrrl! You are not kidding! Love your post and your sick stems!

    *in the parlance of The Kids, I understand the word, “sick” to mean something akin to “gorgeous”.

  2. anne almirall on June 12, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Great post! Distractingly awesome legs;)

  3. CJ on June 12, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Holy shit, I loved that post.

  4. Sara on June 13, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Many thanks, Ladies. Much appreciated from a Pancakey Walkman rolling about in the Weeds!