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Red Wings Fever

June 11, 2009

In honor of tomorrow’s game a special Thursday afternoon update from Nat

If you’re living in Michigan and haven’t been suffering from a head wound for last few months, you’ve probably got Red Wing Fever, one of the many sports-related afflictions pandemic to the U.S. during the spring season (March Madness, Spring Training Fever, Cricket Streptococcus, etc.).

If you’re not sure, I suggest, in lieu of seeking qualified help, you check the following list to see if you’re exhibiting any of the symptoms.

Do you find yourself

      shouting “we” more than any other first-person, plural personal pronoun?

      screaming, “Let’s go!” but neglecting to specify a destination?

      sporting an unwashed jersey that bears the stains and stenches of 10,000 Bud Lites, 900-some slices of Little Caesar’s, and a million glorps of nachos?

      not caring that sporting said jersey is the one time this year you’ll coordinate your outfit?

      showing a greater outpouring of emotion at an Osgood save than at all Memorial Days, Thanksgivings, and Christmases combined?

      thinking these little bullet points look like pucks?

      ready to fight to the death a guy you don’t know, over a slight you’ve already forgotten, for the honor of six people you’ve never met?

If so, please see your ticket agent…who’s probably sold out…and you probably already knew that.



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