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The Hangover Is Frothy Fun

June 5, 2009

By Shannon

hangoverposter2000x0400x618The Hangover is juvenile, crude, silly, politically incorrect and offensive. It  also happens to be very, very funny. You’ve seen the trailers, what did you expect?  This movie delivers exactly what it promises; no more, no less.

The Hangover begins with four men embarking on a road trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party for Doug (Justin Bartha).  Bradley Cooper plays Phil, a married school teacher; Ed Helms plays Stu, a Dentist about to propose to his witch of a girlfriend; and Zach Galifianakis plays Alan, the brother of the groom and obligatory tag along.  

The guys begin a night of reveling with some shots of Jagermeister, and the story flash forwards to the next morning, where they awake discombobulated in a trashed hotel room.  There is a live tiger in the bathroom, a baby in a closet, chickens roaming about, and the groom is missing along with one of Stu’s lateral incisors.  Nobody can remember anything after the Jagermeister shot from the night before.  The rest of the movie chronicles the men retracing their steps and discovering exactly what shenanigans occurred the night before.  The high-jinks that unfold are absurd, but hilarious.  The movie is an equal opportunity offender, taking comical swipes at a variety of ethnicities and stereotypes.

Bradley Cooper finally shows some charisma as the cocky Phil, but the real scene stealer is Phil Helms, who was one of the  best things about the movie.  Shrugging off his persona from The Office, Helms is hysterical as an emasculated dork who finally discovers that he does in fact, have cojones. The look on his face when he surveys the hotel room the morning after is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Zach Galifianakis is good as the socially inept Alan, but his character is such a dimwit that I found him annoying.  Rachel Harris is a treat as Stu’s hen-pecking girlfriend, and she spews acerbity like no one else.  Heather Graham is still  as lovely and charming as she was in Swingers as a stripper they encounter.  Mike Tyson also makes a fairly funny cameo, but a “joke” about his past fell quite flat to me.

The Hangover was directed by Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School).  There is already a sequel in the works. Check your intelligence at the door when you see The Hangover, and you’ll find it to be a well executed screwball comedy.  Once in a while a cathartic laugh is just what the doctor ordered.

*Do not miss the closing credit montage. Unbelievable.

Frothygirlz rating 8/10



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