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Shoe Me

June 5, 2009

photo Sara Randall

‘Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity’…Zappos is NOT the be-all & end-all. In fact, to me, it’s almost as tiring as listening to NHL commentators go on about Sidney Crosby. Puh-leaze, Crosby is not the next Gretzky & Zappos is not the Blue Line Club regarding shopping for footwear. (BTW, let it be known that if Red Wing’s goalie, The Wiz, needs a hookup for shoez whilst accepting the Conn Smythe Trophy, pick ME, I’m good!)

While I’m sure plenty of Sh’addicts have fallen in lust with the All Powerful Zappos, I cannot bring myself to submit to this Siren of Seduction’s spell. (Keep on alliteratin’, Siren, baby, nothing to see here.) Here’s what I have discovered about Zappos, though, they are pretty much impeccable with their delivery times. A friend ordered a pair of kicks at eleven o’ clock one evening & they were delivered at ten-thirty the next day. Unfortunately, they were the wrong size, colour, and make, but wholly speedy delivery, Batman!

Having written the preceding paragraphs, far be it from me to sound pessimistic & then leave my dear Readers sans options. So, lace up and let’s have a gander over to my closet.

I’m a big fan of the Targetz ( for cheapness & surprising durability regarding their footwear. A Targetz tip, though, having recently been made aware of Muk Luk bandage/shoe things, maybe stay away unless your Uggs need a playmate.

A college chum turned me onto dELiA*s  ( for all things ridiculously sparkly in the world of accessories. Low & behold, just in time to not attend my ten-year reunion, dELiA*s now carries some pretty fun shoes as well.

Wild Diva became a staple when I lived in Northern Michigan. Not that I’m remotely interested in becoming any sort of a ‘Diva’, I just didn’t see the point in joining the My-Child-Is-My-Entire-Life-Therefore-I-Wear-Knock-Off-Prison-Issued-Flats-While-Said-Child-Totes-New-Crocs crowd. Being a sucker for all things cheapy-cheaperson, I usually nab Ms. Diva’s goods over to

Of course, my staple has always been Converse, All Stars, One Stars, and Jackie Purcells. It’s true they’ve become a bit expensive and, honestly, I’ve only just brought myself to purchase a pair of canvas shoes for their set price. However, as with so many stuffings in my life, I’m usually in it for the coolness factor. Being an ornament will do that to a chick…at least it’ll do that to this chick.

My hope is not only for Crosby to find a closet in which to set up camp, but also that he’ll take Zappos with him (at least for games five through seven) & I won’t have to hear about either for a while. Should you choose to cash in on my Shoe Closet suggestions, I wish you good fortune and happy shopping. ‘This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.’



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