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May 29, 2009

Happy Friday!  This weekend you must see a movie, no excuses.  We have a trifecta of terrific films in wide release today, and this might be the best film weekend (quality wise) that we will see for some time, so take advantage.   You can’t go wrong with The Brothers Bloom, Up or Drag Me to Hell.  Up and Drag Me to Hell are reviewed on our site today.  I originally reviewed The Brothers Bloom after I saw it a film festival several weeks ago.  Frothygirlz review of The Brothers Bloom.

Unbelievable footage of stuntman Damien Walters. Truly mindblowing.  Via filmdrunk.

Greenday gets in on the keyboard cat business, after Stephen Colbert falls on The Colbert Report. Hilarious. Via videogum

Stupid item of the day:  Pop’s stache.  Via buzzfeed.

Have a good weekend!


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