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Notes from a Walkman Junkie: The Biscuit & The Moo

May 28, 2009

I am constantly reminded of just how powerful music can be in aiding the recollection of a specific place and time. My own most recent occurrence of this nature happened when I heard “Good Riddance” by Green Day playing in a store.

For reasons that weren’t immediately clear to me this song instantly conjured up memories of my ex-husband, whom I shall refer to as S. We were married and lived in Connecticut, where I taught kindergarten for several years (yeah, I can’t picture it either). Let us just say it was not the smoothest of relationships… we had our differences, he wanted many children. I wanted none, which is considerably less. Incidentally, the kids I taught were quite concerned about my lack of babies as well.  One  little girl would question me daily, “Have you had any babies yet?”  To which I would reply, “Not that I know of.” *wink*.

S. was also a tad on the jealous/paranoid side.  He would on occasion have a dream that I was unfaithful to him and be furious with me… about HIS DREAM.  I recently had a dream that I was playing footsie with Jeff Goldblum and discussing our dislike of key lime pie.  I can honestly say a dream like that may have caused S. to go on a week-long rage bender.  So yes, S. had his flaws, but he also had his good points.

He was intelligent, witty and had a delightful collection of Sicilian swear words and expressions.   Once he moved to the U.S. he began translating these sayings from his native tongue of Italian into English.  I shall give you a sample of a couple of my favorites: ”This makes the chickens laugh”  (used when something was found to be pathetic and absurd), and “What the vagina is this?”  (used often and seemingly not limited to specific occasions deemed as appropriate). Slightly off and linguistically mixed translations were appreciated as well.  S., when attempting to describe the Twix candy bar said, “You know, the one with the biscuit and the moo.”

I saved his ‘closure’ letters from the grand  finale of our relationship. It was in these letters that I rediscovered why that Green Day song had triggered some lost memories.  The letter read, ”You were right to put an end to this ‘Comedie Larmoyante’.  I’m in my car and the radio is playing “Good Riddance” by Green Day… so I am going to shoot myself.” ( he did not).

S. also mentioned in the letter that he had planned to buy a rose quartz stone ring for me as a last parting gift.  He had read that it brings healing and clarity to the heart… and also a greater connection to UFO’s.  S. was not going to tell me about the ‘UFO thing’ because, as he put it, “I wanted you to figure that part on your own.  I had to exert my mean streak somehow.”  Speaking of mean… (desperately reaching segue) Dark Mean is a lovely little Canadian indie pop band that I find very enjoyable.  They describe their overall evolution as having the pace of a critically-ill snail.  We have that in common.


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2 Responses to “ Notes from a Walkman Junkie: The Biscuit & The Moo ”

  1. Sara on May 28, 2009 at 8:57 am

    I am going to start purchasing all of the mus-zac you display on your links and listening to it downtown while saying, ‘What the vagina is this?!’

  2. anne almirall on May 28, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Well Sara, that will be yet one more thing we have in common.