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Phoebe Price classes up Cannes

May 27, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Phoebe Price Posing In A Bikini In CannesBy Shannon

For those who don’t know, Phoebe “don’t you dare take my picture” Price is one of those people famous for being famous.  Think a D-list Paris Hilton (I know that is scraping the bottom of the barrel).  

Anyway, Phoebe is known for being reclusive and inaccessible*, so I was astonished to see these candid photos of Phoebe strolling about on the beach in Cannes.  She really classes it up, don’t you think?

I kind of feel bad for Phoebe being caught while she is just trying to have a private moment eating her lollipop.  It’s just too bad the paparazzi are so invasive.  I know I often wear my hooker thigh high vinyl boots to the beach, so I  understand where she is coming from.  I need to make sure that I find a dapper nautical hat for my next beach journey, though.

If you just can’t get enough, here is a link to a photo gallery of Phoebe enjoying some more private moments in Cannes.

*duh, Phoebe is a huge fame-whore and never met a photo op she didn’t pose for

photo credit flynet



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