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Overlooked gems: Time Crimes

May 27, 2009

By Shannon

The man in the pink bandage is at the center of the mystery in Time Crimes

The man in the pink bandage is at the center of the mystery in Time Crimes

After hearing about this movie on multiple film podcasts, I finally got to view Time Crimes, a nifty little time travel movie from Spain.  This movie got virtually no mainstream coverage, so I’ll bring it to your attention here.  

A well done time travel movie typically sticks with me for weeks, if not years.  If I can actually wrap my head around it, I love to drive myself mad pondering the implications of time travel.  A rarity among time travel films, Time Crimes has a fairly concise plot that can actually be understood, which is why it is so fun to watch.

Hector accidentally travels back in time one hour.  Sounds like no big deal, right?  This has disastrous consequences when the original Hector encounters his physical being from one hour ago, and eventually a third Hector gets wrapped up in the mess. Time Crimes ponders the implications of time travel, particularly when one is able to physically interact with a past version of their being.

Television’s Lost toyed with this concept during season 5 when several of the castaways traveled back in time and encountered younger (Benjamin Linus) or alternate versions of themselves and the season finale dealt with the direct implications of these events.

Time Crimes is similar in that respect.  It revolves around a  man with a pink bandage, and an undressed woman in the woods. This thriller unravels the mystery of how these two figures came to be in their original places in the film, and it is fun to discover the series of events that led to that.  If you are fascinated with time travel, you won’t be disappointed by Time Crimes.

Since friends don’t let friends watch dubbed movies, please pick the English subtitled version on the DVD.

Also recommended if you like this genre; Primer.  Primer blew my mind when I saw it in 2005.  Made for a mere $7,000, it will amaze you.  It is quite complicated, and harder to follow than Time Crimes, but heartily recommended.


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