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American Apparel Yo Mama: wrong on all counts

May 26, 2009

By Shannon


"does this make me look sexy?"

"does this make me look sexy?"

Here  are some ads from American Apparel for their “Yo Mama” maternity line of (clothing?)

American Apparel is an interesting company. They have taken over the provocative/controversial ad campaign from predecessors Abercrombie and Fitch. Unlike Abercrombie, I have yet to see an article of clothing that I would actually wear, much less pay money for in their store. It runs the gambit from slutty to bizarre, as evidenced by this maternity wear.

First, definitely not “cute”. Stuffing a pregnant body into a something  akin to the casing  found on a  sausage is not “cute”.  It is disturbing.  Add to that the fact that the model does not look anything approaching “cute”.  How is a mere mortal going to pull off this hideous trend being pitched?  Nobody looks good in a unitard, and I dare you to show me otherwise, pregnant or not.  The  ”leg warmers” don’t help either.  Pregnant women usually get swollen ankles, this just helps along the visual prematurely.

Second, “comfy”.  Um, no.  Clearly the people who “designed” this monstrosity suffer from a case of imbecility (Walt used that word on Breaking Bad a few weeks ago, and I have been dying to use it.) Having been pregnant twice myself I break out in hives just looking at this strange apparatus.  I cannot imagine tugging that contraption over my burgeoning belly in the later months of pregnancy.  Quite frankly, I am getting claustrophobia looking at it.  Going the bathroom would become an endeavor of epic proportions.  I can’t imagine someone going through all that only to roam the streets looking like a gigantic asshole.  There is no payoff-just humiliation.

I’ll let “soft” slide, because the material could actually be soft.  For “stylish” see above argument for “cute”.  I’m hoping all pregnant women will reject this unfortunate fad, and I am pretty sure they will.  Better luck next time, American Apparel, there will be no one biting at this bait, tempting as it may be.


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