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Shoe Me: The Uggs and Cons of Comfort

May 22, 2009


uggs-cons3Dear Readers, please consider this piece as a bit of research and not meant to offend-too much.

  While I am comfortable in very high-heeled shoes or boots, I can certainly appreciate those who feel more at ease wearing ‘downsized’ footwear.  Thus, I present to you the Uggs vs. Converse battle for comfort, style, or both.

  Those who know me know I heart Converse and always have. My best friend, Monte, and I were teased endlessly in grade nine for donning our Converse high tops. Of course, in grade ten everyone and their dog was sporting the Cons and some with the most hideous designs (thank you Looney Tunes, speaking of ‘ugh’).  There was a point when I actually considered ditching my Cons so as not to be affiliated with my Warner Bros. batch of classmates. Thankfully, my relationship with Converse was stronger than most of my friendships with my classmates. Phew.

  Recently, Monte purchased a pair of Cons, which showcased the colours of his band ( He actually got to build his own shoes and I thought this was just the Con’s Climax. Being totally envious, of course, this morning I built my own Converse* centered on Monte’s band colours which are yellow & black. Seriously, could this shoe company be any cooler?! Aside from comfort, the test of time, and style, you are now able to fashion your own footwear. Like I said, I heart Converse…oh, IdoIdoIdo!

uggs-cons-2  Uggs**, on the other hand, confuse me. Now, they seem to be an Australian company, which I think is groovy, but I’m having a little trouble finding endearing qualities beyond that. Are Uggs going for comfort, style, or something all up in here that I’m just missing? 

  Uggs’ footwear kinda looks comfortable, but also like the wearer got stuck in a cave for an extended amount of time and needed something drab and soft to wear whilst serving out their sentence in said cave. Personally, I rate the appearance of these shoes right up there with men & women who visit the grocery store wearing their pajamas. 

  In the Uggs’ defense, I’ve heard they are extremely comfortable. This might be true in addition to being somewhat drab and perhaps going through their awkward teenage phase. However, in my con-traversal opinion, hearing ain’t wearin’. 

  I welcome ‘The Great Debate’ of Uggs vs. Cons and look forward to a healthy battle. One in which my canvas may kick some sheepskin’s bum. 


*Shoed anyone feel the need to build his or her own Converse:


**Shoed anyone be searching for clarification on Uggs footwear:


Editor’s note–is there something wrong with going the grocery store in your pajamas?


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2 Responses to “ Shoe Me: The Uggs and Cons of Comfort ”

  1. Stacie on May 22, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Personally, I have never owned either. However, I have tried on several pairs of uggs from the cheap Walmart ones to pricer pairs, neither of which had any arch/support. Though I do tend to wear some fashionable shoes/high heals/whatev I seek supportive shoes. My fave is the Merrell these come into my rotation several times throughout the week. If I can find a link to share that I actually starred in a Pacesetters shoe commercial, lol. This is getting off the subject. So, tell me does Converse have support???

  2. Sara on May 22, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    I find Merrell’s absolutely dee-vine, good choice! While I tend to lean towards Converse more for the ‘style’ factor, they surprisingly do have support, especially if they’ve been around for about fourteen years and have had a reeally good breaking in period.