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Enough: The American Idol Hysteria

May 22, 2009

By Shannon

Seriously, I’ve had it.  If I see the Huffington Post publish one more stupid-ass article positing that because Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol clearly all Americans are knuckle dragging neanderthal bigots, and that America just “was not ready/willing/able to accept a gay idol” I will, well I don’t know what I will do, but I will be angry. Every damn season (I quit watching after season 3) the weeks leading up to the finale the hand-wringing begins.  If  so-and-so does not win, it is because (insert reason here) Americans are bigots, homophobes, chauvinists, homophobic chauvinists, Ku Klux Klan members, etc. Of course it becomes a self  fulfilling prophecy.  I was a basket case over season 2 which featured the lovable teddy bear Ruben Studdard vs. Clay Aiken, spawner of Claymates worldwide.  What was one to do?  If  Ruben didn’t win, everyone was prejudiced.  If Clay didn’t win, everyone was a homophobe (and don’t try to argue by saying nobody knew Clay was gay, he had more twinkle in his toe than Paula had pills that season).  Because everyone is so touchy now, I have to add not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Hey, anybody consider the fact that…um I don’t know…maybe their main audience is a bunch of hormonal, sexually frustrated pimply faced teens who are fickle as Sean Penn?  WHO CARES!!  It’s a tv show, and everybody is ruining it.

People are way, way, way into this show, as evidenced by the following:

Teenaged angst

These girls shriek like the banshees of hell are chasing them.  It is ridiculous, and an embarrassment to tweeners everywhere.

Shocked mom.

She is speechless, but special props for exactly replicating Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream”

This one is from last season, entitled “The most horrible day of our life” with split screen parody.  Really kids?  You should pray that this will be worst day of your life, you should be so lucky that the worst thing that has ever happened is that the guy you wanted to win American Idol didn’t win.  Because you know what, some of us have real problems like paying our bills, keeping a roof over our heads, buying groceries.  Yes, I will take your “most horrible day” every time.

See what we are dealing with?  Don’t you dare lump me in with these wackos.  I’m very worked up now and I will have to read about the 3 wolves t-shirt to lull me to sleep, because it holds such powers.



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