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Shoe Me: Sole Mates

May 8, 2009

By Sara


photo by Sara Randall

Relationships, friendships, loyalties, blah, blah, bork, bork seem to the order of the week over in my world. Fortunately, (or perhaps not) I don’t deal well with controversy and prefer to focus on maintaining my status as an Ornament within society.  

I also don’t believe in ‘Soul Mates’ regarding relationships or friendships. In fact, I find the entire idea of one person being able to earnestly share my affections for Shoes, Photography, Macrobiotic cooking, The Young & the Restless, Vinyl, Betty & Veronica comic books, & Hockey not only humourous, but completely implausible.

Similar to having a lot of ‘best shoes’, I have a lot of ‘best friends’ whom I can pull when they need to be worn or go to when I require specific advice. (Somewhere I’m sure that made sense.) However, I don’t pull the same shoes for every occasion & I don’t confide in the same friends for every amount of gossip.

My favourite pair of shoes are black Converse low-tops circa 199-something & they are as blown out as Mike Tyson after Robin Givens filed for divorce. Yes, they have loyally served me, but there’s no way I would pull them for a dress-up Jazz concert with my current Boy Ornament (who is really pretty, so we’ll select blue & white polka-dotted Mary Jane heels for that occasion, non?). Like the good friends they are, my Cons would most likely rather enjoy watching the Detroit Red Wings beat the Anaheim Ducks to the tune of a Molson XXX.

Various shoes for various occasions; just as in friendships and relationships. I don’t believe these are meant to be competitions, just selecting which pair works best regarding the present situation. Also, if you find yourself dangling at wit’s end, there is usually the delicious option of purchasing a new pair of friends. (After all, it’s not blasphemy, Dah-link, it’s footwear.)


2 Responses to “ Shoe Me: Sole Mates ”

  1. Julie on May 11, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Hey, I was directed here by Amy M, and just wanted to chime in here that I’m in complete agreement with um. this whole blog so far. down to the quips about Cpt Kirk/Indy. Oh, and as for having the star trek cherry popped? I’m guilty too haha

    Just thought I’d say hi, and let you know I’m reading :)

  2. admin on May 11, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Thanks so much, thanks for reading. If you ever have thoughts/suggestions feel free to let us know!