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Rebecca Romjin: Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

May 7, 2009

rebecca_romijn_post_baby_body000x0450x619Here”s another celebrity fibber.  Rebecca Romjin has been going around claiming she lost 60 pounds since the birth of her twins four months ago by breastfeeding.  She has been adamantly telling anyone who has listened that she has not been exercising.  I don’t believe her. That’s what all the celeb moms say, but in real life, I do not know one single mom who lost all the pregnancy weight while breastfeeding.  In fact, everyone I know magically dropped an extra 10-12 pounds as soon as they quit breast feeding.  It seems that your body believes it must hang on to those extra fat stores while you are breast feeding, and no amount of exercise or dieting will budge those last pounds.

Salma Hayek has been the only celebrity mom to call out the whole “breastfeeding is the miracle diet” myth.  She basically came out and said that it sucked trying to lose the weight, she couldn’t believe how hard it was, and that the breastfeeding did not help her lose weight, and for that I will forever love her.  (By the way, I believe breastfeeding is the right thing to do, I did it myself through two kids, so I don’t want the  scary La Leche Nazi police knocking down my door.)

I don’t think that every single one of them have amazingly freakish genetics, though no doubt a few do. Why do these women keep insisting they don’t exercise?  I don’t buy it for several reasons.  Having been an avid exerciser for close to 15 years, I don’t believe that these women would be happy suddenly leading a sedentary life.  They have hard core exercise regimens most of their lives, and you expect us to believe they are happy to sit on the couch?

When you exercise, you get addicted to the endorphins that are released during your work outs.  You crave and need them, and if you quit cold turkey, you get depressed and irritable.

You just know that Rebecca is a closeted exerciser, running on her treadmill like a hamster for hours a day. Why can’t she admit that?  By the way, if  I am not mistaken that looks like an exercise outfit, and she appears to be exercising in this photo taken two months after her twins were born.



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