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Magical what?

May 5, 2009

Marshmallow Mateys have an extra special surprise in the box

Behold, the mallow in question!

My kids are addicted to lucky charms, so I buy their generic cohort , “Marshmallow Mateys.”  They eat them every morning (before the sugar police assault me, I combine it with another healthy cereal).

This morning my eldest innocently asked “mommy, what is this marshmallow supposed to be?”  She held it up  and the picture to your right shows what I found.

My immediate inclination was to respond “I might be mistaken, but god damn if that doesn’t look like a phallus to me” but my built my mommy censoring software kicked in, and I responded with my standard reply, “I don’t know.”  I did however, discreetly remove the offensive mallow for further review later.  I know that there are supposed to be stars, hearts, lucky clovers, but have they snuck a magical phallus into the mix?  When did that happen?

My newly found pseudo-journalism skills kicked in and I decided to investigate. After an exhaustive 60 second internet search I discovered that apparently these are supposed to be “orange shovels”.   First of all, that is a piss poor shovel.  Second of all why would there shovels as magical shapes?  I’m befuddled.

I asked my husband what he thought it looked like when he got home and his response was “well that looks like a penis”. Exactly. Lest you think this is an isolated incident along the lines of the Virgin Mary grilled cheese, or a Jesus potato chip, I fished another “orange shovel”  for a side by side comparison.  What do you think?

The side by side comparison of the sugary offenders


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