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When Stars Fib: Gwyneth Paltrow

May 4, 2009

I call Bull****

Oprah Winfrey clearly runs an empire. I quit watching her show several years ago because I felt it was drifting away from hard hitting human interest stories and towards more typical content that can be found on a dozen other shows. When celebrities make the rounds, they now routinely stop on Oprah’s couch (I can’t write that without thinking about Tom Cruise jumping about). There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I can also see them on the same day on numerous tabloid shows hawking their newest movie release.  Occasionally I turn the show on, just to see who’s on. I did watch when Gwyneth her Goopness (she has a website named Goop) was on earlier this year, because I wanted to see what she said about her workout routine. I became annoyed when she went on and on about how she never diets, she never would, blah, blah, blah.

I found this very disingenuous, because I had read about her macrobiotic diet for several years, and even went so far as to try it for about 30 minutes before my taste buds begged me to put them out of their misery with a delicious margarita (absolutely not allowed on the macrobiotic diet).

57105335She never indicated that she used to diet for years. She just stated that she can’t do it, so people who saw her rock hard physique on Oprah that day were led to believe she achieved those results sans diet, which simply wasn’t true. The woman literally and figuratively dieted her ass off.  I wish sometimes these women would be forthcoming. They propagate the myth of  an unattainable  ideal, particularly when they bounce back 3 days after giving birth to a child.  Society believes this is the norm, and when these women say they don’t diet or some of them don’t exercise, and then you have a baby and diet and exercise your ass off  and still can’t  fit into your jeans a full nine months later, it’s depressing.

I found it refreshing that recently Kathy Ireland allowed a horrible picture of  herself at her heaviest to be published in People magazine.  Here is a former world famous swim suit model showing the world that just because you graced the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue back in the day, you do not get a free pass for life.  Models are people too.   She was very real and honest and indicated the weight had sort of creeped up year after year until she had to take a hard look at herself in the mirror and decide to do something about it.

Who do you find more ingratiating?  A woman who admits to having the same struggles as we mortals or someone who puts forth a deceptive public facade?  I’ll vote for the one with her feet firmly planted on earth.


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