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Shoe me

May 1, 2009

By Sara

Dear Shoes, I adore you.

Forgo my honour, when it comes to shoes, I put the van(s) in vanity. I depend on the coattails of funky footwear and most who have seen my collection have never blamed me. I’ve received a few raised eyebrows, but nothing faux-leather, fur-lined, ten-dollar special, heeled boots couldn’t stomp away.

092605_go_go_bootsI’m a pretty tall chick who adores heeled shoes, which makes me curious about a certain male standpoint. Do men care if women are taller than them in heeled shoes & boots? Are they intimidated or maybe jealous that women sort of get the long end of the stiletto when it comes to variations on shoes?

I’m also a pretty confident chick (especially since I once spent an entire Summer teaching myself how to walk in the dirt wearing various four inch heels). So, I interviewed a cross-section of boys on how they felt being around a confident girl who is 5’9 and wearing beauteous high-heels.

Survey says(!), these boys don’t really care about shoes. (I know, I heard the Happiness Balloon deflating as well.) The majority of those questioned agreed that a confident woman is sexy and if shoes make her more confident, huzzah! (I am confident I may not get over the shock of having several people tell me shoes don’t really matter to them.) Now, for those who might be thinking your collection is lost on the males in your life-I do have a bone for you. My best interviewee response, “Rarely are the shoes themselves empirically attractive – with the exception being boots – they’re just always hot, especially under a short skirt.” Fabulous, because I have both of those items located over in my closet.

Reassured with the knowledge that I am out to impress mostly myself, it appears to me, ‘If you’ve got them, flaunt them!’ Or, to paraphrase (and by ‘paraphrase’ I mean ‘butcher till she bleeds’) the Princess Bride, ‘There’s a shortage of perfect heels in the world, it’d be a pity not to wear yours’. (It’s not blasphemy, Precious, it’s footwear.)



One Response to “ Shoe me ”

  1. cole on June 16, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    My goal in life was to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. I got em’ half off. SWEET!!! A victory I will always be proud of no matter how much I have to spend on Dr. Shoal’s pads just to wear the beasts. When I wear them I feel like I have made it. Soared so far above my parents status. I am proud and glad I was able to achieve this goal before I brought kids into my life. Shoes can be so much more than foot covers. Oh so much more.