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Rosie O’Donnell is dazzling

April 17, 2009

Splash News photo

Dear Rosie,

I have a school auction this weekend and I’m in a snit about what to wear.  Could you kindly offer your amazing fashion advice to me.  I am a big fan. One of my favorite  highlights of your acting career is when you depicted lovable, misunderstood millionaire Dawn Budge on Nip Tuck.  However, nothing can compare to your heartfelt performance of mentally challenged Beth Simon in the made for television movie Riding on the Bus With My Sister. I completely agree with the  random person’s post on IMDB that you should have won an Oscar for that made for tv movie.  Your voice was a cross between Yoda and Kermit the frog, and you where able to maintain that consistency for the entire length of the movie.

Anyway, if you could help me put an an outfit together,  it would be a big relief.  I want to be sure not to intimidate other guests, so preferably something shapeless would do.  I am very covetous of your bandana, so if you could help me find the perfect patriotic flair to add to my outfit that would be swell.



**People, if you don’t view the link above of Rosie’s fantastic acting skills you are robbing yourself of a true treat. If you enjoyed the link to Riding on the bus with my sister, then here is The Soup’s further ridicule.

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