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5 movies that made me cry

April 17, 2009

I should preface this list by mentioning that I don’t usually cry during movies.  It’s not that I am without emotion when I witness something moving or tragic, it’s just that I hate to cry and have worked really hard as an adult to control my crying impulse.   I have my deeply scarring, psychological reasons, believe me.  

This makes the fact that I have cried during the following films (see listed) all the more perplexing – at least to me.   You will not find the usual suspects on this list.  You will not find Terms of Endearment.  Nor will you find Life is Beautiful.  Behold:1073146192mulan11

  • Deep Impact.  You may recall this as The Other Asteroid Movie – Armageddon was released at the same time.  I remember precisely the scene that moved me to tears, the one in which Tea Leoni and Maxmilian Schell – playing estranged daughter and father  –  are about to perish together in a massive tidal wave caused by an asteroid.  In it, they exchange some amusing, confessional banter about things they did to one another in the past (she stole money out of his wallet, he dropped her on her head when she was a baby.)  Once reconciled, they hug.  Then they die. This movie was released in 1998, the year I changed my birth control pills.  Interesting.
  • Mulan.  Yes, the animated Disney film.  This one also had some sad, father/daughter business.  As the story goes, Mulan’s  disabled father is called to duty in the Chinese army when the Huns invade – knowing that he would not survive his service, she disguises herself as a man and goes in his place.  A lot of stuff happens and Mulan herself saves China and her father tells her that he is proud of her.  That was the bit what  got me…also, I clearly have some father/daughter issues.  Mulan was also released in 1998.  Curious.
  • A commercial for Pocahontas II: A Journey to a New World.  I believe this was a straight to video/dvd release, by the by.  I was watching a television broadcasting of the original Pocahontas at the time (what?) when the trailer aired. During the trailer, it was strongly implied that John Smith (Poca’s boyfriend in the first film and yes, I understand the real Pocahontas married a man named John Rolfe, but still.) dies.  This of course sucked, because I was really rooting for those crazy kids to make it work – they just seemed so right for each other- plus, I WAS STILL WATCHING THE FIRST MOVIE ON TV.   I actually never bothered to watch the film, but it is worth noting that it also was released in 1998.
  • Babe:  Pig in the City.  Oh god.  So, there is this dog, Flealick, whose hind legs are lame and gets around by means of having a wheelie-cart tied to his body.   He loves to chase cars and one day, while enjoying his favorite past time, he is struck.  Flealick has an out of body experience that was filmed to look like he was dead, but in Heaven – where he is chasing butterflies and jumping, sans cart.  Also?  Released in 1998…I think I am seeing things more clearly now.
  • Superman Returns.  Released in 2006 and widely panned by critics – everyone I know who saw this movie hated it, but I saw it (twice, mind you – I liked it) in the theater.   There is a point during the film in which Superman almost succumbs to a near-fatal exposure to kryptonite and is hospitalized.  Unconscious and convalescing, Superman is visited by Lois Lane who whispers something to him while her son – believed to be fathered by Richard White, possibly fathered by Superman, – waits in the room, watching.   When they make an attempt  to leave, the kid rushes back to the hospital bed and plants a hasty kiss on Superman’s forehead.  I cried so violently that people actually turned to observe me in this state and I seriously considered hiding in the movie theater until everyone left.  It was mortifying.   It is worth mentioning that I was pregnant with my firstborn when this happened, which hopefully explains the weeping, if not the film’s appeal.

***Editor’s note.  While I respect Janey’s selections, I must point out that Janey has not seen Dear Zachary, the saddest, most traumatizing film ever made.

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4 Responses to “ 5 movies that made me cry ”

  1. anne almirall on April 17, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    I know this is not a movie, but I cried during the finale of Battlestar Galactica……Damn that sci-fi..gets me every time. It should be noted I had been drinking.

  2. Charity on April 19, 2009 at 10:22 am

    “Savannah Smiles” required my parents to carry me out of the theater wailing as a six-year-old. This 1982 gem has neglected Savannah saying goodbye to escaped convict Bootsie who had given her the attention she’d always craved from her upwardly mobile parents. I just watched it again for the first time in 20 years and it still hurts.

  3. Amy Newton on April 19, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    I’d also like to add that 1998 was the summer of love….

  4. Jenna on May 5, 2009 at 6:45 am

    While I don’t wish to make your list Disney-heavy (hell, it already is), might I remind you of the time we two ventured out to see the animated Tarzan? I believe we were both reduced to blubbering messes by the prologue in which Tarzan’s parents are killed and he is left orphaned. That was some hard-core shiz.